Add GDPR compliant user store service to your Web and mobile apps in under 10 minutes.

Databunker gives strong, serious, real personal-data protection for your customer records, without expensive custom coding and with full customer visibility.

Demo Code on GitHub

docker run -p 3000:3000 -d --rm --name dbunker paranoidguy/databunker demo Unable to find image 'paranoidguy/databunker:latest' locally latest: Pulling from paranoidguy/databunker 1cb83b1b7b4e5bc0fd331f448e59ba3a69 curl -s http://localhost:3000/v1/user -X POST -H "X-Bunker-Token: DEMO" \ -H "Content-Type: application/json" \ -d '{"first":"John","last":"Doe","login":"john", "phone":"4444","email":""}' {"status":"ok","token":"31debb9e-64cf-616d-d8ae-c1b383c81e24"} curl -s -H "X-Bunker-Token: DEMO" -X GET http://localhost:3000/v1/user/email/ {"status":"ok","token":"31debb9e-64cf-616d-d8ae-c1b383c81e24", "data":{"email":"","first":"John","last":"Doe","login":"john","phone":"4444"}}

GDPR user rights

Databunker will help you to comply with the following GDPR user rights

Right to be informed

Right of access

Right to rectification

Right to erasure

Right to restrict processing

Right of data portability

Right related to automated decision making including profiling

Right to object

Why Databunker?

It is hard to frighten us with personal data

Secure from start

Databunker has a strong immune secure architecture to stand security attacks.

Using strong encryption

All records with customer personal information are encrypted using AES-256 or securely hashed in the internal database.

Instant request processing

The service code is written in go-lang than gives super-fast native code execution performance.

Made for cloud and on-premises

We built Docker containers for simple setup and work. You can deploy them in the cloud and on-premises.

Optional strict data modeling

Databunker supports schema validation and enforcement for user records with some advanced extensions.

Encrypted search index

From the user records, Databunker knows to extract email, phone, login name, and build an encrypted search index.

CRUD for personal records

We have a flexible API for that. You can also store application data.

Using standard database: MySQL / SQLight

User records are encrypted and saved in a standard database.

Personal records consolidation

You can move all personal records from your different systems into one place.

GDPR compliant data storage

Databunker has a built-in user portal that gives your customers full visibility and control.

To stand privacy standards encrypt customer records

Old style solution


"Select *" will return data in clear text even if you use database encryption. The data is encrypted only on disk. In case of SQL Injection the attacker will copy all your private data.

Databunker solution


"Select *" on backend SQL will return encrypted data. Personal data can be fetched only by using Databunker API after passing numerous security checks.

Use cases

Solutions for popular use cases

Databunker gives the end-user visibility and controls for their Personal Identifiable Information (PII).

Improve your solution overall security level by adding critical data segregation.

Databunker saved audit trail for all operations.

Databunker provides built-in support for PII tokenization and storage.

Improve your solution overall security level by minimizing PII data.

Databunker is flexible to allow admin to approve user requests.

Databunker can be a perfect solution for the login backend.

Databunker can generate a session token to be used in server logs.

Temporary record can reference user profile, user app record, or user session record.