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How to build PET - Privacy-Enhancing Technology with Open-Source Databunker


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As data privacy concerns continue to grow, developers play a crucial role in crafting solutions that protect user information while enabling innovative digital services. Privacy-Enhancing Technologies (PETs) are at the forefront of this effort, ensuring the confidentiality and control of personal data. In this blog post, we introduce Databunker—an open-source, versatile privacy vault, and propose it as a powerful foundation for developers to build their own PETs.

According to “The GDPR made simple(r) for SMEs” book, published in 2021:

To comply with Data Protection by Design (DPbD) and Data Protection by Default (DPbDf), a company may consider implementing Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs).

PETs encompass a wide range of solutions, incorporating both traditional data security technologies (e.g. anonymization, encryption cryptography, for personal data both being stored or moved) and other tools aimed at a more general strengthening of data protection: for example, antitracking tools for web browsing, dashboards and other user interfaces for the management of consent can be considered, as well as tools that enable data subjects to audit the enforcement of the data protection policy of a controller or to customize the terms and conditions of privacy policies.

What is Databunker?

Databunker is a robust and secure encrypted vault, tailor-made for developers to protect sensitive records such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Personal Health Information (PHI), Know Your Customer (KYC) records, and Payment Card Industry (PCI) data. It offers a flexible API that supports a wide range of privacy use cases, making it a perfect candidate for developers to build upon.

The Power of Databunker for Developers:

  1. Data Privacy Compliance Made Simple: Databunker is designed with privacy regulations like GDPR in mind. By leveraging Databunker as a base, developers can lay the groundwork for their PETs to ensure compliance with various data protection laws.
  2. Secure Data Storage and Encryption: Databunker excels in providing secure data storage and robust encryption techniques. As developers, you can trust Databunker’s foundation to handle sensitive data, preventing unauthorized access and safeguarding user privacy.
  3. User Privacy Portal Integration: Databunker includes a built-in privacy portal, allowing end-users to access, review, and modify their personal data. By utilizing this feature, developers can offer their users more control over their information within their PETs.
  4. Passwordless Access and Authentication: Databunker offers a passwordless access feature, enhancing user experience and bolstering security. By incorporating this functionality into your PETs, you can provide users with a seamless and secure authentication process.
  5. Flexible API for Customization: Databunker’s versatile API enables developers to tailor their PETs to specific use cases. Whether you’re building a privacy-preserving data-sharing platform or an identity management system, Databunker’s API can adapt to meet your needs.

Developers, Unite for Privacy:

By leveraging Databunker as a foundation for building Privacy-Enhancing Technologies, developers can collaborate to create a safer and more privacy-conscious digital landscape. Databunker’s open-source nature encourages collective innovation and knowledge-sharing, leading to better PETs that protect user data while driving digital advancements.

PII Data Protection Vaul

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