Temporary record identity for 3rd party services

When sharing data with 3rd party services like web analytics, logging, intelligence, etc… sometimes we need to share customer id, for example, customer original IP address or email address. All these pieces of information are considered customer identifiable information and must be minimized when sending to 3rd party systems.

Do not share your customer user name, IP, emails, etc… because they look nice in reports!

According to GDPR: Personal data should be adequate, relevant, and limited to what is necessary for the purposes for which they are processed.

Databunker can generate you time-limited, temporary, shareable identity token that you can share with 3rd parties as a record identity. This identity can link back to the customer personal record or customer app record or to specific customer session.

Databunker can optionally incorporate additional information for example partner name identity, so, you track this record usage.

Your partner can retrieve your customer information (only specific fields during a limited time). Afterward, access will be blocked.