How to streamline GDPR user request workflow with open-source Databunker

In the realm of data protection, complying with GDPR regulations often requires a customized approach to user requests. Open-source Databunker offers a solution to handle user request approvals seamlessly.

Streamlining User Requests:

Databunker supports various customer operations, such as personal record changes (e.g., name, email), application information updates, consent withdrawal, and forget-me requests. These operations can be automatically executed in the Databunker database, or an Admin/DPO request can be generated for approval.

Enhancing User Request Management:

For larger organizations, DPOs can efficiently approve user requests through the Databunker platform. The flexibility to configure self-service and Admin/DPO-approved operations empowers organizations to cater to specific needs while ensuring GDPR compliance.

Introducing a Free Takeaway 🚀

Databunker is a free, open-source project available under the commercially friendly MIT license.

- Check out the getting started guide

- Review the installation guide

- View the source code

🚀 Databunker:

Secure Vault for User PII Data

(Open source / MIT license)

- Check out the getting started guide

- View the source code

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