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User rights and privacy controls with Databunker


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If you are a software developer or a software architect, Databunker is a perfect tool for you. Databunker is used as a secure and encrypted vault for customer data. The product comes with a simple web user interface to manage the data stored.

One of the product’s key features is that users can control the data stored in Databunker. This control is managed by your company policy. You can specify what operations need approval. For example, address change can be confirmed by an Admin or DPO.

Databunker gives your customers passwordless access to the Databunker User Privacy Portal. Upon login attempt, Databunker sends your customer a one-time access code. This code is sent by SMS or email.

User login

With the built-in user privacy portal, your customers can:

  • Access: Your customers can securely sign into their Databunker account to access and review their personal data and view their account history through the account audit feature.
  • Withdraw: Your customers have the ability to withdraw previously given consents or agreements, providing them with control over their data usage.
  • Update: Your customers can easily modify their personal data stored in Databunker. For instance, they can update their email address or make other necessary changes.
  • Delete: Through Databunker, your customers can initiate a “forget-me” request, prompting the removal of their account and associated personal data from your systems.
  • Restrict: Your customers can effectively manage their privacy agreements by utilizing Databunker’s features to control and restrict data processing activities as per their preferences.

By offering these functionalities through the user privacy portal, Databunker empowers your customers to exercise their rights, maintain control over their personal data, and enhance their privacy experience with your organization.

PII Data Protection Vaul

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