User rights and privacy controls with Databunker

If you are a software developer or a software architect, Databunker is a perfect tool for you. Databunker is used as a secure and encrypted vault for customer data. The product comes with a simple web user interface to manage the data stored.

One of the product’s key features is that users can control the data stored in Databunker. This control is managed by your company policy. You can specify what operations need approval. For example, address change can be confirmed by an Admin or DPO.

Databunker gives your customers passwordless access to the Databunker User Privacy Portal. Upon login attempt, Databunker sends your customer a one-time access code. This code is sent by SMS or email.

User login

Databunker helps with the following GDPR requirements:

  • Access: your customers can sign into their Databunker account and view personal data.
  • Withdraw: your customers can withdraw consents (agreements) given previously.
  • Update: your customers can change their personal data saved in Databunker. For example, change email address.
  • Delete: your customers can file a “forget-me” request using Databunker.
  • Restrict: your customers can manage their agreements using Databunker.