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Generating an Audit Trail and Tracing Customer Profile Changes with Databunker


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In the world of data management, capturing crucial events and changes on the database server is vital. However, without a well-defined process in place, essential data may slip through the cracks. Enter Databunker - an open-source solution that comes with built-in auditing capabilities, ensuring a comprehensive audit trail of all user data-related API operations, including new record additions, changes, and information retrieval.

Auditing Capabilities: A GDPR Compliant Solution:

Databunker’s default auditing capability addresses the requirements of GDPR Article 15: Right of access by the data subject. By providing a detailed audit of events related to personal data, Databunker enables users to access their information while adhering to data privacy regulations.

Special Features of Databunker’s Audit Trail:

  1. Encrypted Personal Information: All personal information recorded in the audit events is encrypted, ensuring an additional layer of data protection.
  2. User-Centric Access: Databunker ensures that each customer can only view their own records, bolstering data privacy and confidentiality.
  3. Drill-Down View of Events: With a drill-down view, users can examine specific changes made to their records, enhancing transparency and trust.

Components of an Audit Record:

Each audit record comprises the following vital components:

  • Date and time of operation
  • Operation title
  • Operation status
  • Operation description
  • User identity performing the operation
  • Change details (before and after), if applicable


Databunker’s audit trail functionality provides an invaluable solution for organizations seeking to comply with data privacy regulations and offer customers access to their information. By encrypting personal data, implementing user-centric access, and offering a drill-down view of events, Databunker empowers businesses to generate an audit trail that aligns with GDPR requirements while promoting transparency and data security.

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