Audit trail and trace customer profile changes

Many times we need to find important events that occurred on the database server, but we may not always have a process in place to capture this data.

By default, Databunker has auditing capability built-in, it saves audit trail on all user data related API operations. For example, new personal records added or changed; personal information retrieved, etc…

By providing Audit of events, in relation to personal data, provides a partial response to GDRP Article 15 requirement: Right of access by the data subject.

Special features:

  • All personal information in the audit event is encrypted.
  • Customer can view only his own records.
  • Event drill-down view to actually see what was changed in the record.

Each audit record consists of:

  • Date and time
  • Operation title
  • Operation status
  • Operation description
  • User identity performing operation
  • Change before and after if applicable