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Databunker PRO is a self-hosted, GDPR compliant secure vault and SDK for customer records. The product addresses several challenges, including privacy by design, data minimization, user audit, Schrems II compliance, privacy-compliant logging, data subject request automation, and more.

Databunker PRO is the professional version of Databunker, an open-source security vault created by our development team (

We are currently seeking 10 pilot customers to try the latest Databunker PRO release.

As a pilot customer, you will have direct access to the developers.

Our team will optimize Databunker to meet your specific needs and use cases.

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PII Data Protection Vaul

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Meet Yuli Stremovsky

👋 Hello! I am Yuli, the founder of the Databunker project. I'm on a mission to assist startup founders in securing customer data!

I'm excited to connect with exceptional software architects, visionary CTOs, and innovative product leaders who are shaping the future of software industry.

Together, let’s shape a more private and secure digital future!

You can always reach me at

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